Zodiac Manicures Are Trending—Your Here's Sign's Best.

Manicures reveal our moods and personalities. Consider your preferred styles. Maximalism, color-clash, loud brights? Minimalism, neutrals, and simple accents? Horoscopes can help you choose designs. Star signs can emphasise different traits. Yours? Below...

Energetic, confident, impulsive, and adventurous, Aries don't necessarily feel the need to follow convention. When it comes to your nails, they're an opportunity to experiment. Why choose one shade when you can have five? This color mix design is eclectic, just like you.

Aries: Color Mix

You're a romantic pragmatist—rational, grounded, loving, and unshakeable. Taureans like classic, comfortable styles. Gold-speckled nails suit you. It's neutral and classic with a hint of sparkle that goes with everything.

Taurus: Gold-Speckled

Expressive, playful, inquisitive, and quick-witted, Geminis are up for something lively and fun. This checkerboard design is as bright and peppy as you are but with a striking pattern to mix things up and keep it interesting.

Gemini: Checkerboard

Emotional, sympathetic, intuitive, and loyal, Cancerians are thoughtful girl-next-door types. The soft pinks and warm reds of this mani and approachable and inviting, just like you.

Cancer: Pinks and Reds

Strong, confident, faithful, and warm, Leos are fierce. This mirror-like mani is as dazzling as you are — and it's definitely not boring.

Leo: Glitz

Organized, detail-oriented, helpful, and honest, Virgos are perfectionists. This reverse French manicure is immaculately neat and beautifully precise, but it's also very chic.

Virgo: Reverse French

Libras are diplomatic, kind, and romantic peacemakers who seek balance (hence your symbol, the scales). This half-and-half design perfectly blends neutral nails with pink metallics.

Libra: Half and Half

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